Thanks to the valorization of noble ingredients extracted from non-allergenic, non-GMO legume grains, the use of AlphaGOS®  improves and simplifies the ingredient list. AlphaGOS®drives a positive and reassuring image among customers that are increasingly looking for ethical, healthier and more natural food. According to your recipe and local regulation *  claims such as :

–          100% from fruit and vegetables

–          Without artificial sweetener

–          Without additives

Become possible.

* = No rights can be derived from the description of these claims. Dietery fiber or fiber definitions vary by country. Use of any suggestions is the responsibility of the producer of foods and should be checked with the regulatory authorities for the geographical region in question.

ourproduct_natural origin

Since they have been extracted from pea grains that have been a part of the European diet for centuries AlphaGOS® is considered as a traditional food ingredient, and not as ‘novel food’.

AlphaGOS® can be declared as:

1.Soluble pea fibre

2.(soluble) dietary fibre

3.Galacto-oligosaccharides (from pea)